Small businesses in the modern world have a myriad of problems. Chronic lack of capital for development, huge difficulties in finding customers, and struggles to promote themselves on the market. Paid for advertising in the media and on popular Internet resources is too expensive for those who are trying to earn a living their own work. However, most of the problems faced by these entrepreneurs will be solved by the new social network, Freldo. In July-September, the authors of this unique project start an ICO. The proposed tokens will quickly become a profitable tool for investment. Freldo has already begun developing its platform based on the most up-to-date IT technologies, but the capital from the ICO will allow Freldo to implement the best possible services to entrepreneurs that are just starting out. Why Small Businesses Loses to Large Companies

It would seem that any small enterprise would be more efficient than a large company. After all, every employee is working towards the final result. But in practice we see the opposite. Customers are more likely to turn to larger companies, although they usually offer the same services at higher prices. Why is this happening? The market is oversaturated with supply. It is becoming increasingly difficult to win consumer confidence. Enterprises are forced to pay for expensive advertising, and they have to apply a variety of marketing techniques in order to attract the attention of potential clients. This scenario is good for large corporations, as they have extra capital to spend on advertising and marketing.

Meanwhile, small businesses are left to try to advertise with promotional sales, to hope that someone will visit their website, which contains more or less detailed information. But it's not so simple. More and more content is being placed in the online space. To get to a "prominent place" on a search engine is not cheap. You can spend a lot of time and effort on creating your own website, but its attendance will remain ridiculously low. In the meantime, Internet marketers often lead a dishonest game. For example, they organize a lot of positive fake reviews about their company in an organized way, removing objective assessments of customers if they contain at least a drop of criticism or discontent of real clients. Of course, such "tricks" require serious funding. Unlike small entrepreneurs, large companies can afford these costs. Moreover, they will then be displayed in price. The client will pay for everything. However, an experienced mechanic, masseur, hairdresser, electrician or specialist of another profession, trying to do business on their own, can remain without orders even when they have high quality and low prices. All these and other problems are solved by the Freldo social network. Already available in Canada and the USA, Freldo is connecting businesses and clients under the motto "Trust your friends!" And today, Freldo can boast of its first serious successes. Freldo is attracting more and more users and becoming the first global decentralized ecosystem, a broad platform where small businesses and ordinary consumers can easily find each other

Today Freldo is:
 A popular Internet resource that anyone can use free of charge, which offers services to ordinary people.
 A social network where there is no place for fake reviews or paid recommendations.
 The project, which aims to help small and medium-sized businesses in the search for customers, as well as ordinary consumers in the search for inexpensive quality services.

In particular, any business registered on Freldo can advertise their product and service for free. Potential customers will easily find it thanks to the network’s effective search program. Also connected with Freldo’s services are a system of invoices and contracts for the registration of orders, a mobile application, and other developments that help advance the business. And, of course, Freldo does not stop there.

ICO: the opportunity to profitably invest and help the Freldo network become a world leader Thanks to the ICO, Freldo plans to raise $20 million for further development. The money is needed to implement the latest services and bring the social network to a global level. The goal is to create a single site that will work in many countries of the world, gathering under its roof millions of small entrepreneurs and consumers who need their services. Successful implementation of the project will undoubtedly lead to a significant increase in the price of tokens. But in the near future they can be bought on very favorable terms.

So, during PRE-ICO (from July 16 to August 16, 2018), you can buy tokens with a 50% discount. The earliest buyers during the ICO (August 17 - September 17, 2018) will also receive bonuses:

 First 7 days – 20%.
 From 7 till 12 day – 15%.
 From 13 till 18 day – 10%.
 From 19 till 25 day – 5%.
Tokens will be sold for Ethereum. Here, bonuses are also provided depending on the volume of acquisition:  15-70 ETH – 2%.
 70-300 ETH – 5%.
 More than 300 ETH – 10%.

Trading tokens will be stopped ahead of schedule if the total amount exceeds $40 million. Capital will be used to implement blockchain technologies and smart contracts. According to the intentions of the developers, these service will save entrepreneurs from having to contact intermediaries and spend a lot of money on advertising. But most importantly, they will help clear the market of fraud and other problems that small and medium-sized businesses are facing today. As a result, business representatives will be able to communicate directly with their customers. They will receive feedback and completely secure the process of making transactions. For example, an entrepreneur will receive money for the fulfillment of an order only when they perform their job qualitatively. And the customer cannot evade payment. Under the terms of the standard smart contract, the money will be deposited to the depositor and transferred as the order is executed.

Freldo now offers a convenient and profitable settlement system – Freldo coin. As expected, soon they will not only be the most profitable means of payment, which can be calculated around the world, but also an advantageous object for investment. Freldo coin rate will grow over time. In addition, Freldo has a unique and very effective system for finding the necessary goods and services. Entrepreneurs can freely post all the necessary information about themselves and their proposals. Authors of the project guarantee full transparency in pricing, referral fees for clients, and maximum reliability of all services. The idea behind creating the Freldo social network was originally to help business representatives and their clients solve their most pressing problems. After the ICO, the authors of the project will have additional funds for its successful implementation. Investors will also have the opportunity to invest in profitable investments.

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