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The PlayChip Ecosystem Hits One Million Global Users as Online Gamers Seek to Embrace Cryptocurrency.

The world’s first true universal gaming token will be used by over one million sports betting and gaming enthusiasts on seven platforms in the PlayChip Ecosystem.

URUNIT is proud to announce its partnership with ATB Coin

URUNIT, the first and only online gambling platform managed by its community, has announced today its new partnership with ATB Coin and will now accept payments and investments in ATB Coin. .

The Freldo social network solves the problems of small business. ICO is already launched

Small businesses in the modern world have a myriad of problems. Chronic lack of capital for development, huge difficulties in finding customers, and struggles to promote themselves on the market.Paid for advertising...

Coinbase App Download Rate Falls Following Decline in Crypto Markets

Currently, Bitcoin is trading around $ 6800. However, most of the technical analysts are actually looking at the levels of $ 6500. There is a technical support at $ 6500. This is the reason why many traders are actually looking at the levels of $ 6500. If it breaks these levels decisively, it can head down much. This is one of the main reasons why many of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts are keeping a watch at these levels.

Cryptocurrency Prices Soar on News Coinbase Is ‘Exploring’ Adding Five New Assets

The cryptocurrency market experienced a slight bump on Friday, but five altcoins managed to break away from the pack, bolstered by the announcement that cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage giant Coinbase is “exploring” adding support for them to its several platforms..